Awesome...where can I order him?! <3_<3 #hetalia #prussia

wait, it says take it from a geek.did a geek kidnap him and shove him into a box and then send it away? Who would send the AWESOME Prussia away?

Oh my gosh this is so funny! Sealand and england. And the name. SEA TWAT. BWAHAHAHA

Oh my gosh this is so funny! Sealand and england. BWAHAHAHA<<The part that got me was when England was saying to drown in his harbor with all his tea!

WHO GAVE YOU THE RIGHT - can't breathe...laughing...what is air!?

Part of the suddenly hetalia collection by Kayleigh Clark

That would probably happen chibi and hungary would giggle while austria was bein a sore

Hungary is obviously the one making all the dad jokes here<< would it be mean to ask someone to draw this?

hetalia all characters - Αναζήτηση Google

Haha there should be a show where every show with a major fandom should have a representative (like Hetalia and the nation representatives) and then it's just them being weird and stuff and yeah>>>one word Fandomstuck

Omg I think I died xD a text conversation between America and England.

Haha I would be England and my sister would be America lolz. She's a chef I'm not. I suck at cooking