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Killer Kamal by Adrien Stanziani [02-05-2017]

Killer Kamal by Adrien Stanziani [02-05-2017]

It happens like all the time⏰

I was taking a long time to do my make up and I said it had to be PERFECT and my friend said nobody's perfect and I said Jacob S.

Image de amazing, beautiful, and heart

Vitamin Deficiency Erection

Image de amazing, beautiful This is so sad that we have to revert to this so that we can say like, Jacob loves meee

When I'm showing my friend his Musical.lys and she's like:  I don't see the cuteness

Or * Allie and I read a hate comment * stares at each other * say at the Same time * REPORT ABUSE


I would pass out right after I got a photo with him and after I kissed his cheek

Sing your heart out Jacob☺️❤️

Sing your heart out Jacob☺️❤️When he want to do a bodyroll but he does not want to be a fuckboy

Jacob Sartorius - Sweatshirt (Official Lyric Video)

Jacob Sartorius - Sweatshirt (Official Lyric Video) if u like his song SEE IT!