Suzy Parker 1952

Georges Dambier :: Suzy Parker in plaid stole for ELLE, September 1952

Girl with early car seat belt, ca. 1950s

nice pic - girl with early car seat belt, ca.

McCall's April 1955 | Eleven Busiest Models | Suzy Parker, Dorian Leigh, Jean Patchett, Patsy Shally, Lillian Marcuson, Nan Rees, Leonie Vernet, Georgia Hamilton, Dolores Hawkins, Kathy Dennis, and Mary Jane Russell.

McCall's April 1955

McCall's Magazine Ladies magazine 1955 vintage by MinaLucinda

More 1950s sweater girls!

Orbach’s store fashion launch, October 1952

just a cute old fashioned picture

Atlanta 1947 - girl tying a scarf around her boyfriends neck as a fad

Suzy Parker by Richard Avedon

Suzy Parker by Richard Avedon

Modern Girls & Old Fashioned Men. I don't know, I just thought this photo was adorable.

fashion city lady paris newspaper french old fashioned old fashion 1920 paris france franch french woman qui est cette fille

date night

fashion photo, could be recreated for bride and groom photo shoot that couples take before their wedding- Tap the link now to see our super collection of accessories made just for you!

Vicki Dougan, 1952. So romantic.

Vikki Dougan 1952 by Nina Leen

Suzy Parker 1954

Suzy Parker photographed by Regina Relang in Berlin, tweed coat Gehringer & Glupp, 1954