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Funny Portraits of Birds with Luscious Heads of Hair - My Modern Metropolis

Funny Portraits of Birds with Luscious Heads of Hair

archiemcphee: “ My what beautiful hair you have! For a series entitled Coiffure le Bird, Dutch photographer Rene Mesman and Netherlands-based post-production company Souverein teamed up to create.

PSALM 91 : 4 ~ He shall cover thee with his feathers, and under his wings shalt thou trust: his truth shall be thy shield and buckler.

Canadian Goose and Gosling by David Hutchinson, Alki Beach, Seattle, WA

Baby geese= Goslings

Baby birds keeping warm under their mother's wing.just tooo adorable!

fairy-wren: “ nicobar pigeon photo by irawan subingar ”

Aww, you are making me blush!!

awe how precious is this- it looks like she is like I need you- or I feel safe. or i need a nap and your wing/shoulder happens to be there- either way I love it.


great closeup of Crow's head detail

Least Flycatcher.

Least flycatcher (Empidonax minimus) Empidonax flycatchers often flick their wings & tails rapidly, North America

makes her designs out of clay, then casts them into plastic prototypes. If they are to be made in bronze, she takes them to a nearby foundry for casting. She finishes all the work, including assembling, riveting, and patinating. If they are to be made in pewter, she sends them to a mold maker who makes vulcanized rubber molds for her. She casts and finishes most of the pewter pieces herself, although she also has her mold maker cast some of the pieces as well.

Barbara Crow Doorbell Cover by Rosalie Sherman (Metal Doorbell Cover

Barbara Crow Doorbell Cover: Rosalie Sherman: Metal Doorbell Cover - Artful Home / my house needs this. and it also needs a door bell haha

Corvus orru (Torresian crow)

View Corvidae (crows and jays) on the Animal Diversity Web.