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La Rose des Vents neighborhood, Reunion Island (artwork by Gorge One; image provided by Arrested Motion)


Fills Worcester, Massachusetts With Stunning Art Murals: POW! never fails to impress with its slew of talented, global artists making their mark in different city districts one spray can stroke at a tim.

Love it.

Herakut "Once upon a time" a new mural for WallCome Festival in Schmalkalden, Germany StreetArtNews

Tierra Madre Pachamama, #StreetArt de Aner & Maher París

Tierra Madre Pachamama, #StreetArt de Aner & Maher París

Street Art Utopia

Love this piece by Brazilian artists Os Gémeos, titled “Don’t Believe the Hype.” It's part of the exhibition “Viva la Revolucion: A dialogue (RT Os Gémeos’ “Don’t Believe the Hype”

bunte Seite der Industrie

Brazilian graffiti artists Os Gemeos who were invited to the Vancouver Biennale to turn six multi-story silos on Granville Island into their trademark ‘Giants.’ The murals on the towers