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Buddies by ArtfullgalaxyKK on DeviantArt

Buddies by ArtfullgalaxyKK on DeviantArt

Youtube Sketch #1 by Reikiwie on DeviantArt

So after havin big complains about my idea of Murder!Pewds I thought about something new, using the Trouble in Terrorist Town's mod Introducing Traitor!Cry to you

Pewdiepie, JackSepticEye, Markiplier

Pewdiepie, JackSepticEye, Markiplier These guys are honestly the greatest. I always look forward to watching their videos, especially the ones where they talk directly to us viewers. It sounds so cheesy but they can brighten up even the worst day

Cry and Pewdiepie - by Reikiwie.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt They make it seem so evil and not just a game!!!

Cryaotic PewDiePie and CinnamonToastKen play GMOD Murder by Reikiwie

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Come out of that bathroom young lady! With Cry,Ken,pewdiepie and minx :) Drawn by Netty Scribble I actually saw this prop hunt episode, and nearly died laughing.

Septiplierrrrrr….comic… :D I personaly don’t ship it but WHO CARES! xD I though it be funny to put Pewds here ( cuz when Mark and Jack played Pewdiebot, Pewdiebot said that he ship em, and he said that to both of them xD) And in the past Pewds did a...

I love this comic not because I ship septicplier (I don't) but because if I ever got to talk to Senpai again I would want this to happen>>SEPTIPLIER AWAY