one lovely white bloom in water.

✿ Bouquet a Day ✿ Monday, May 2014 - Starting off the week with beautiful simplicity and one lovely white bloom in water.

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A Mess of Flowers

Pink #PiagetRose @Piaget

Pink is my favorite color, as it's girly and romantic! A pretty pink dress is always my first choice when it comes to a special occasion. Pink stands for joy and happiness. Do you like pink gowns?

" Peace, peace, peace."  Robert Adams. " In between work, classes, shopping, performing your earthly role, do these assertations. 'I AM Omniscient Love. Peace." Robert Adams, world renowned beloved sole confirmed Master Teacher, pronounced by an established, recognized ancient lineage of wisdom, the sole American Master confirmed thus by the ancient definition of pure illumination, in spiritual integrity in the established tradition."A true Sage is timeless, ever present."

Spring pond with beautiful lily of the valley flowers. The colors are so pretty and happy, it makes me smile.

pretty roses long thin plain flowers plain paper wrap triangular- I love simply arranged flowers