Als ik buitenspeel dan leer ik

let the children play: outdoor learning environment. When I'm playing outside, I'm learning. pop into the newsletter, put up in the cloakroom for parents to read and understand the importance of outdoor play.

let the children play: When I play outside I am learning

let the children play - nicolette.

The Play Lady: The Importance of Play

"It's Not Just Play" (from MHC Early Childhood Solutions) - this is why early childhood educators do more than just 'play'. <<< play is the work of children

Why is play important? printable poster

Why is play important? printable poster

Why is play important for children's development - free printable poster, quotes, parents, printables

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The Reggio Emilia Approach An Everyday Story Reggio at Home: The Process not the Answers

Kids who play outside...

Take you kids outside! no surprise really as they are allowed to develop at their own pace and find stuff out by themselves and develop a genuine interest in natural objects.

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let the children play: Fly the Play Flag

In a society that praises moms who overschedulize their children, these are refreshing words.

The importance of play

David Elkind on early childhood, and formal academic education

***David Elkind*** Miseducation: Preschoolers at Risk ///The Power of Play: Learning What Comes Naturally///The Hurried Child

Learning Stories, Teaching Tips, Eyfs

Whats your recipe for learning?

A Recipe for Learning applies equally well to people of all ages! (via A Recipe for Learning: Essential Components of Early Learning) via Marcia Conner

34 Reasons Why Play Matters

Play is so vital to growth, happiness, and learning! This colorful visual celebrates 34 reasons why play matters Post and Share!

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Things We Learn About Ourselves In The Forest - Diary of a First Child

Things We Learn About Ourselves In The Forest

What do you tihnk about?

Nature and shadow- what if we take out the paints & paint in the lines….?…

Shadow play is an extension on light investigations that is encouraged in Reggio Emilia. This shadow of a tree is exploring the natural world

Outside Sticky Wall: Create a fun outdoor activity that toddlers and preschoolers will love. This easy outside activity is perfect for exploring nature.

Outside Sticky Wall

Outdside Sticky Wall: Create a fun outdoor activity for toddlers and preschoolers; a fun nature craft;