Awesome Lana her awesome photo shoot for Elle magazine Los Angeles Ca Tuesday

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Once upon a time – Regina Mills – Evil Queen – Lana Parrilla – Evil Regal - OUAT

Lana Parrilla attending once upon a time season 4 pre premiere.

((FC: Lana Parilla)) Hello Ladies, I am Queen Cyprus. If any of you are rude or disrespectful to my son, we will have a long talk about it.

erase una vez regina | Vestuario de Érase una Vez: Regina

Evil Queen/ Regina from Once Upon a Time LOVE that show and the outfits for the evil queen are stunning!

I think they should remake this into "Oncers on Sundays during the Winter hiatus: and Oncers' families and friends during the Winter hiatus:" lol.

I live in Britain so I can't watch it until Monday once it's uploaded onto Stream Tv Me.