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Rainbow Hematite - Brazil

bijoux-et-mineraux: “ Rainbow Hematite - Brazil ”

Larimer, a rare form of pectolite, only found in the Dominican Republic

Larimar is a rare form of pectolite, found only in the Dominican Republic. This mineral is a mixture of beautiful Caribbean Copper Blue-Green colors. Credit : Daniel Virgadaula Check Amazing Geologist for more.

Minerals Minerals Minerals! - Boulder Opal - Jundah, Queensland, Australia

Read More About Boulder Opal - Jundah, Queensland, Australia.

Crystal pride  Fluorite Fun!! Fantastic Fluorite! Rainbow Fluorite from South Africa  Stabilizing, Grounding, Harmonizing Primary Chakras: Heart, Throat, Third Eye, Crown Astrological signs: Pisces, Capricorn  Rainbow Fluorite exhibits a combination of colors inherent in Fluorite crystals, such as purple, blue, green, clear and yellow and, as such, it blends all of the properties of each color.

Rainbow Fluorite is just bands of different colours Forget rubies, garnets and sapphires. Fluorite may be the world& most colourful.

Chalcopyrite..more color variations than a peacock....but just as intriguing.: Gem Stones, Crystals And Gemstones, Gems And Crystals, Colorful Gemstones, Minerals Rocks Gems, Gems Crystals, Crystals Gems Rocks, Minerals Gems

What a beauty! The multi color metallic luster that Chalcopyrite has is so rich. It is a natural mineral, this stone comes from Mexico.

vzácné kameny - Watermelon Tourmaline

The Best Crystal For Your Astrological Sign

Tourmaline - Brazil


Tourmaline - Brazil this reminds me of the emerald city in the Wizard of Oz

Doğal taş

Between a Rock and a Hearty Place: Quartz with Dumortierite Inclusions

Wassermelonen Turmalin                                                                                                                                                                                 Mehr

Watermelon Tourmaline in natural crystal form, from Shanghai Mineral show. Looks like rasta rock

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55Ct Super Colour Contra Luz Natural Ethiopian Welo Rough Opal

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Labradorite; Madagascar

Labradorite- one of my favorite stones!said pinner.

coisasdetere: “Spessartine Garnet on Schorl Tourmaline from Pakistan… ”

Incredible Spessartine Garnet crystals formed on Schorl Tourmaline from Pakistan

Agate Amethyst Geode (Blue Lace Agate.) From Brazil

Blue Lace agate surrounding amethyst crystals in a cut geode, Brazil

Bluish-green and lavender Fluorite cubes with Barite. Komshejeh Mine, Komshejeh, Ardestan County, Esfahan Province, Iran

bluish-green and lavender Fluorite cubes with Barite from Iran From the Komshejeh Mine, Komshejeh, Ardestan County, Esfahan Province, Iran

Goorrrgeous peciman of fluorite with aquamarine!

Fluorite with aquamarine from Erongo Mtns, Namibia. Photo by Jeff Scovil. Another GORGEOUS color combo of fluorite


❥ Faux opal~ made with polymer clay.