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Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin with Marilyn.

Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis, Marilyn Monroe, = comedy team of Martin & Lewis made MANY movies. Marilyn was on a tv program with both on one occasion.

Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin, Photo at AllPosters.com

Jerry Lewis

Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis-- The Stooge

Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis-- The Stooge, my most favorite movie of all time.

"Ocean's Eleven" Dean Martin

Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis, Enjoyed Dean on record or film, but never found Jerry amusing in the least - just over-the-top annoying!

Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis - NBC Radio

Top Box Office Stars: 1950 TO 1959 (PART 3)

Martin and Lewis were an American comedy duo, comprising singer Dean Martin (as the straight man) and comedian Jerry Lewis (as his stooge). The pair worked.