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Vanilla Milk with Chocolate Ice Cubes | Heaven's Meals

vanilla milk with chocolate ice. chocolate Ice milk 50 ml of water 1 tablespoon unsweetened cocoa powder 1 teaspoon sugar dark chocolate milk with vanilla milk sugar 1 vanilla pod vanilla milk chocolate ice drinks

25 Boozy Hot Chocolate Recipes That Will Keep You Warm All Winter (Photos)

25 Boozy Hot Chocolate Recipes That Will Keep You Warm All Winter (Photos)

Hot Choc-Colada Recipe ~ Homemade Hot Chocolate paired with pina colada! Serve this drink with some rum spiked whipped cream and toasted coconut!

Everything in one shot: Dirty Road Milkshake Shooters made with chocolate chips, heavy cream, toasted marshmallows, Ben and Jerry’s Rocky Road-ish Ice Cream and Jack Danie #cocktailrecipe

Dirty Road Milkshake Shooters

Cocktail recipe for a Dirty Road Milkshake Shooters made with cup chocolate chips tablespoons heavy cream 2 toasted marshmallows cup Ben and Jerry’s Rocky Road-ish Ice Cream 2 ounces Jack Daniels 3 tablespoons milk 3 ice cubes cup multi-colored sprinkles

Pomegranate Sangria Recipe ~ Says: This sangria is my favorite for the fall and winter months, the combination of pomegranate seeds, apples, and pears is hard to beat.  It's sweet, tart, and boozy.  And the best part:  eating the fruit once you've polished off the sangria!

Perfect for Thanksgiving: 5 Fall Sangrias- tried the sparkling apple cider, sparkling white cranberry, red wine, honeycrisp apple, spiced apple cider.

Thai Iced Coffee Recipe | SAVEUR

Thai Iced Coffee

Thai Iced Coffee cup ground coffee 1 cup sweetened condensed milk ¾ cup milk - Only 3 ingredients.

Coconut Margarita. You had me at coconut margarita! A coconut drink that's not a piña colada!

Coconut Margarita

Coconut Margarita - Martha Stewart Recipes, that fuckin Martha, she KNOWS how to make a mean drink, damn it i love her

White Hot Chocolate

White Hot Chocolate

White Hot Chocolate Recipe — 1 cup white chocolate chips 1 cup heavy cream 4 cup half-and-half 1 teaspoon vanilla extract Vanilla whipped topping, for garnish Mint leaf, for garnish

Chocolate Margarita | Cocktail Recipes

Chocolate Margarita

Chocolate Margarita Ingredients: 1 ¾ oz silver tequila 1 ½ oz orange juice 1 oz Kahlua 1 oz half n half 1 ½ TBS chocolate syrup ice Oreo cookies Directions: Place Oreo cookies in a sandwich bag and crush. Place crushed Oreo on a small plate.

Which Alcohol Goes Best With Hot Chocolate? Here's How To Spike Your Cocoa In The Best Way tequila

The Best Ways To Spike Hot Chocolate

Cocktail of the Week: Mexican Hot Chocolate - 3 cups Milk 1 and bars cadbury chocolate (snack size) broken into chunks 6 Tbsp Cocoa Powder 2 Tbsp Sugar tsp Cayenne Pepper 4 shots of Tequila cup whipped cream Ground Cinnamon for Garnish

Chambord French Kiss    Ingredients:  •	1 oz. Chambord   •	1.oz Vodka  •	1oz. Dark Crème De Cacao   •	1 ½ oz. Half & Half    Preparations  1.	Fill mixing glass with ice   2.	Add all the ingredients   3.	Shake and strain into a chilled martini glass   4.	Add a Hersey kiss

The French Kiss 1 oz Chambord 1 oz vodka 1 oz dark crème de cacao oz half and half Shake ingredients with ice and strain into a cocktail glass. Garnish with a Hershey Kiss.

Chocolate Milkshake Cocktail

Chocolate milkshake cocktail, made with a little peppermint extract, is poured over ice cream and served in a martini glass to make a fun holiday dessert.

Birthdaytini....I've been looking for a recipe for this whipped cream flavored vodka...now who has an upcoming birthday @katemcguire?

Cake Batter Martinis

Cake Batter Martinis makes a single serving, is easily multiplied 1 ounce amaretto 1 ounces Pinnacle whipped cream vodka 1 ounces creme de cacao ounce Godiva white chocolate liqueur 1 ounce heavy cream assorted sprinkles (nonpareils work best) frosting