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Cree man - circa 1890

The Cree homeland includes parts of Manitoba, Ontario, Saskatchewan, Alberta and Montana.

Gordon Tootoosis - 25 Oct 1941 - 5 July 2011 - Cree and Stoney descent - Canadian actor

Gordon Tootoosis (October 1941 – July was a Canadian actor of Cree & Stoney descent. Tootoosis was a descendant of Yellow Mud Blanket, brother of the famous Cree leader Pitikwahanapiwiyin

Horse Child (the son of Big Bear) - Cree - 1940

Big Bear - imprisoned after the Riel Rebellion; Otto Buell, 1885 Big Bear (Mistahimaskwa) was born near Fort Carlton, present day Saskatchewan in His father appears to have been Black Powder

Мужское пальто, предположительно Равнинные Кри, возможно полученное от Сарси. 1780-1820 гг.

infinity of nations art and history in the collections of the national museum of the american indian - george gustav heye center new york - hide coat cree misko takiy hide coat back ca alberta canada moose hide paint porcupine quill hair