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Elegant- This could be Whisper

This horse was born its base coat color, black, and will continue to gray out as it ages, until it is almost pure white, except for the nose and around the eyes. I love the dished head.

Will U be my Valentine?

24 Hours Of Cute: Happy Valentine’s Day @ 7:00a PT

awwww-cute: My family’s newborn mini horse and cute little girl pose for photo shoot Children and Kids with Horses Learn about

another talking horse Mr. ED except maybe this horse has found something funny to laugh out loud. I think that is this so funny.

.Horse on a horse                                                                                                                                                     More

best images and pictures ideas about cute baby horses - how long do horses live


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Yeah! You should have! Shame on you! Lol.

This would be even funnier if the horse had a saddle and bridle on rather than a blanket and halter


Percheron stallion Ughy De Luynes --you can see why these were used as war horses. Even tougher than the Friesians, the Percheron war horses could accommodate the heavier armour of the later Medieval period.