Alice in Wonderland - Inking by Vitali-Iakovlev on DeviantArt

Very interesting piece. I really had to think all the time about line weights and how to make each object clearly readable and stand out.

Alice in wonderland cover by qualano on deviantART

Alice in wonderland lineart This is a variant cover for Alice In Wonderland that's being distributed by BlueRainbow Online. pencil Alice in wonderland cover

Bildergebnis für alice im wunderland

Enjoy a classic tale by candlelight! This enchanting design is perfect for shirt sleeves, journal covers, and tote bags.

Alice - London Supercon 2014 Exclusive - Table A53 by jamietyndall on deviantART

Lineart of the London Super Comic Con exclusive cover featuring Alice. GFT Wonderland: Asylum LSCC Variant for HotFlips/Beachbum Comics Availa.

Malicious Alice Tattoo Lines by =Asher-Bee on deviantART

Malicious Alice Tattoo Lines by =Asher-Bee on deviantART pretty madd design