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a Stamp a Day: 2 stamp carving workshops

Today I gave two stamp carving workshops at Atelier Open in Amsterdam Osdorp. It was the perfect day to make stamps, very grey and raini.

I want to learn how to do my own prints! Than I ll stop complaining that I can't find "cool fabrics"

Print Workshop: Hand Printing Techniques and Truly Original Projects by Christine Schmidt


cooking hand carved rubber stamps by talktothesun For you stamp stamped camera hand carved stamp Leaves Plant Rubber Stamp

hand carved stamps....could I do this?

I thought that I'd gotten my house obsession out of my system quite a while back with a collage series I called "Facades" but hmmm.

Making your own stamps.. that would be great!

would you like to start carving your own stamps, but don& know where to start? one of the nice things about stamp carving is that there&

They have lovely stamps.............girl rubber stamp  hand carved rubber stamp  hand by talktothesun

They have lovely stamps.girl rubber stamp hand carved rubber stamp hand by talktothesun