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The Mexican axolotl can regrow missing limbs, parts of its brain, and even make new neurons. (Photo by Stephen Dalton, NHPA/Photoshot, National Geographic Stock)

L'axolotl Aussi rare que stupéfiant, l’axolotl est une salamandre endémique du Mexique. Cette créature amphibie, que l’on retrouve souvent à l’état albinos dans les élevages d’amateurs, est aujourd’hui menacée d’extinction dans la nature. Les talents de l’axolotl sont étonnants : il parvient à se reproduire sous sa forme larvaire, sans avoir besoin de muter en adulte sexué. En outre, cette salamandre est très étudiée pour sa capacité à régénérer ses organes endommagés.

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Feared extinct, another axolotl has been found in Mexico City—but will the amphibian hang on?

Happy fish: This smiling Axolotl salamander is the star attraction at Aquaria Fun Park in Austria

No wonder he's happy! Smiling salamander threatened with extinction becomes star attraction at Austrian aquarium

Happy fish: This smiling Axolotl salamander is the star attraction at Aquaria Fun Park in Austria

The axolotl is native to the freshwater channels and deep lakes of central Mexico. - Stephen Dalton / NHPA via Photoshot -

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This adorable little guy is an axolotl! Sometimes known as a Mexican salamander, it is a type of salamander that actually never matures to t.

Axotl - being cute and pink | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Pink Axolotl Salamander :: These endangered Mexican salamanders may look fishy, but they're really amphibians. One popular translation says their name means "water dog.

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I like this character because it is a large earth like creature, this could be used to move swiftly but have low damage

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Use a gemstone as an enrichment toy for your salamander! Get a smooth, shiny stone, such as hematite, which is larger than your axolotl's head and too heavy for them to lift. Place the stone in your

L’animal original : l’axolotl

L’animal original : l’axolotl

Axolotl (a/k/a Mexican Salamander & Mexican Walking Fish - Ambystoma mexicanum).   (" | Fuchur")     Google search:  "The axolotl ... is a neotenic salamander, closely related to the tiger salamander. The axolotl is ... not a fish, but an amphibian. Axolotls are used extensively in scientific research due to their ability to regenerate limbs. Wikipedia."  &  "Critically Endangered (Population decreasing). --Encyclopedia of Life."

The axolotl, also known as a Mexican salamander or a Mexican walking fish, is a…