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Sounds like a fairy tale - but true - 4 deer gave me promises - 3 alive came to me - only the first one was a vision, but I thought I really saw it


Free Father's Day Poems by Helen Steiner Rice

Poems by Helen Steiner Rice | Posted by Sandy on May 16, 2010 in in Emotions and Inspirations

Thank you so much for this most precious prayer my beloved friend Angel. God bless you.

♥ een beetje warmte

♥ een beetje warmte

#favoritepoem #poezie #gedicht #stilte #luisteren #photoaday #DewiHuibers ©dewi•louise

#favoritepoem #poezie #gedicht #stilte #luisteren #photoaday #DewiHuibers ©dewi•louise


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what happiness is

Ecclesiastes - To enjoy your work and accept your lot in life - this is indeed a gift from God (NLT). Being happy doesn't mean you have it all, it means being thankful to the Lord for all you have.


Dimension Ethics "Nature is not for us, it is part of our sacred family. Live in balance with all of nature. Tread softly on Mother Earth" - Quote from the Native American Code of Ethics, an important moral text for indigenous Americans

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Have Faith, Felt, Feltro, Felting, Blanket

Very helpful prayer at times. ;)

This is my fav prayer, every day I go to work. "Dear Lord, Please put your arm around me today and your hand over my mouth"