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Close-up van een blauwtje butterfly nature

Close-up van een blauwtje butterfly nature

Blue and purple

"I kinda forgot how pretty purple is. but I chose this because I love purple butterflies. I think when butterflies are purple they are very pretty & regal"

<3 Butterflies

Red-banded Hairstreak (Calycopis cecrops) native to the southeastern United States

I'm not sure that it's a good idea to be with somebody who is okay with "roid rage".although I guess that could explain a few things with some people.


Butterfly On Gayfeather Blossoms by Walter Burke. Mariposa roja y negra.

Atlas Moth: Attacus atlas are considered the largest moths in the world in terms of total wing surface area [upwards of c. 400 cm2 (62 sq in)]. Their wingspans are also amongst the largest, reaching over 25 cm (10 in).

Gods creation are amazing! -Close up with and Atlas Moth (Attacus atlas), family Saturniidae (the silk or emperor moths). This species has the largest wingspread of any moth species

Spangle (Papilio protenor) is a large swallowtail similar to the Great Mormon, found in many parts of Southeast Asia.