They should release the lobster - he's fought for his freedom!

Just a Dog Fighting a Lobster with a Spoon. Nothing to see here, move along. My dogs would be nowhere near the lobster


Funny pictures about Turtle slap. Oh, and cool pics about Turtle slap. Also, Turtle slap.


Crazy Mother funny cute memes animals cat crazy meme lol funny sayings humor funny animals TY Kathy Henry . the look on Tiddle's face is priceless!

The Cheez-it Game...How many Cheez its can you place on the cat before it wakes up? LOL!!! My daughter, Nayalie, and I used to put Bologna in my son's, Travis' pockets when he was asleep on the floor...and let our 2 cats wake HIM up!

A fun game to play is to see how many cheezits you can get on a cat before it wakes up.


Not a runner? Now you are. Next time I need motivation I'll just picture this bear on my

Pretty sure I just lol'd for a good minute.

Funny pictures about Screamed like a teenage girl. Oh, and cool pics about Screamed like a teenage girl. Also, Screamed like a teenage girl.

So funny

Meme I put redbull in my coffee this morning - Now I can see noises

Reminds me of the Wedding Crashers scene with Will Farrell.

Take a BERRY Break (40 photos)

MA, the meatloaf! LOL I love that will ferrell movie quote.meatloaf I never know what she is doing!

... back in my day...

When I Was A Pup, I Had One Toy And It Was A Stick funny dogs dog pets meme lol humor funny pictures funny memes funny photos funny images hilarious pictures

Trail Mix? You Mean M&m's With -

I'm not sure about the fat cat, but this is funny :) Trail mix is M&Ms with obstacles

Text Messages From A Cat:

Text Messages From A Cat

Text Messages From A Cat. Made me laugh out loud at work. Coworkers definitely know I'm a crazy cat lady, now they think im even crazier for believing that cats text.mine does.