I was one of the people who found out about this band after the kinda sucks.But hey at least we can still listen to their awesome music.

Gerard Way- My Chemical Romance. The blue purple ombré hair looks gorgeous on him. It was WAY too short lived<<<yeah I never even knew about it

brain: say this       me:why      brain: CUZ FRIKIN BAE IS ON THE MEM PHOTO cringe? idc

Why do you always wear black? Because I'm ready for your funeral bitch

BOTD can not cover MCR!

BOTD can not cover MCR!<< MCR is actually good music, it will be ruined if botd even attempts to make a cover

Look at that first pic of Gee, itssoperfect! *screams*

The Black Parade, will carry on by The-MCR-Fan-Club sassy Gerard

Hey, everyone. This is probably what we look like to people when we have a "fan-girl" moment XD

Funny GIF of Gerard Way from My Chemical Romance in the Teenagers video. Gerard Way is awesome, yo. Gerard Way Teenagers GIF

Gerard Way xxxxxxxx

Gerard Way my teenage daughter hates that I fan girl over him. Lol I say shut up were the same age I can if I want .