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Do your ears hang low? Theirs certainly do. When this darling was exuberant and beautiful and it was a sight to behold.

Who has big ears? Huckleberry the Basset Hound. Oh my goodness, those ears!

Nothin but a hound dog....

16 Reasons Basset Hounds Are Not The Friendly Dogs Everyone Says They Are


collection of basset hound photos including our gorgeous girl Molly :) enjoy!

“i'm up to my neck here! ❄️”

“i'm up to my neck here! ❄️” In Massachusetts last year it was up to my Bassets necks!

What a cutie pie .

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Just a Cute Basset Hound

Just a Cute Basset Hound


* * " Hey son, de human overs here willz loves ya like me does, plus brings yoo overs to visit. Yoo be disowin' me! Me kin see dat. Yoo hads one offspring, me. Whys ya gotta do me dis way?

Maybe someday David will let me have a Bassett hound...who wouldn't love that face!?!

Basset Hound - France - Middle Ages , first documented reference in I believe the modern French dogs are longer-legged. Love Bassets but think they are another victim of man's constant tinkering.

(Yahoo!!! Taylor found a home | Flicker) - Happy Bassett Hound is Happy!

Bassets are known to be a vocal breed. They have a wide range of entertaining sounds and a deep howl.(from Wikipedia) haha, boy is this true.so vocal