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Sashiko is a kind of the traditional Japanese embroidery techniques.This is actually not stitched Sashiko pattern. This is called "Sashiko Ori" which means woven Sashiko pattern. These fabrics are made in Fukushima.

一目刺し、できた (*^ー^)ノ♪|散歩里夏のゆら~りくらげ暮らし358

一目刺し、できた (*^ー^)ノ♪|散歩里夏のゆら~りくらげ暮らし358

sashiko embroidery  Patterns https://ru.pinterest.com/sumiayan/patterns/?utm_campaign=activity&e_t=59e201bbd2c5478b9d45e2f812046c11&utm_medium=2003&utm_source=31&utm_content=510736482680938141

I really love pillow cases with embroidery on them. Reminds me of my grandma, she use to sit and stitch and taught me how. I still sleep on an embroidered pillowcase.

Sashiko / love this b/c it feels very random and organic but you can also feel that it's done by hand. - would be lovely as a tone-on-tone print.

Kogin- a variation of Sashiko - is worked on evenweave fabric with stitches of uneven length in an over/under darning pattern and only stitched horizontally.