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Accept what you cannot change, change what you can. And yes, God, grant me the wisdom to get the difference and not waste the time I've been given. There is great learning to be had in what is given to you.

I like Eckhart Tolle. Have several of his books on my ipod. Sometimes I think it's too 'western' but every once in awhile his metaphors are just the perfect thing to explain what a client is feeling.

Let them!

Parents of children.quit trying to make your little ones grow up so fast. They're kids. Let them be little.

This need to go on my wall.  In big print.  And I need to read it when I wake up in the morning.

Retire the cape and do your best. Also, this baby's face is one of the cutest things I have ever seen in my life


The best things in life are to find true happiness and that it's a matter of quality not quantity.

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Inspirational quote print 'Every exit is an entry somewhere else.'

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it would be nice to know when by Tété

Everything is going to be alright. Maybe not today but eventually. The Truth!


Our ability to use changes, challenges, stressors and struggles to lead forward is REAL. Resetting the internal and organizational GPS starts with developing a new relationship with change, stressors and struggles that optimizes our potential.