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Pokemon Sun/Moon - 1920's AU Alola kids This is perfect and beautiful and everything I've ever wanted.

alternate costume arm around shoulder black hair blonde hair boots bouquet brionne cabbie hat couch dark skin dark skinned male dress flower formal gladio (pokemon) green hair green necktie hair down hair ornament hair over one eye hairclip hat

Guzma, Gladion, and team skull from Pokemon Sun and Moon  By n-maas on tumblr. do not remove this source!

of all pokemon villains team skull is my fav bc they show them as regular ppl sometimes who have problems like the rest of us

So true, I was so confused why that happened.

*Learns about Lillie and Gladion's dark pasts; Aether Foundation is evil; Lusamine and Guzma get sucked into a fucking portal; Nebby nearly dies* Avatar: THIS IS FINE