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P. Renson

P. Renson

If you really are seeking for terrific ideas about working with wood, then http://www.woodesigner.net can help out!

Large Christ wood carved sculpture in progress - wood carving studio in San Antonio de Ibarra, Ecuador

Wooden Masterpiece http://ibeebz.com

Funny pictures about World's longest wooden masterpiece. Oh, and cool pics about World's longest wooden masterpiece. Also, World's longest wooden masterpiece.

ornament carving

Well I have 4 new carvings completed in reference to carving. Now I will work on the painting process sometime this weekend, possi.

2539-Eye Carving - Wood Carving Techniques

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Debra Bernier - "Spirit Tree Woman With Stones" ~ Each piece of driftwood I find on the beach holds a secret story.

Green lady

5 x 8 Print - Art Card, Spirit Tree Woman with Stones by ShapingSpirit

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I love how this is coming out of the wall // Nuun Berlin // Matteo Pugliese