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Spoon Song!! @Danielle Lampert Lampert Peazer have you see this?! haha, its hilarious!

Watching Dumbo and the Pink Elephant song is playing and all I think of the is the spoon song haha!

That was my favorite part!!! LOL I've been wanting something about Harry screaming at Harvey and Johnny to come up because that was THE BEST PART for me! Lol

What a akward way of describing how the BSE vidoe starts.

that escalated quickly

One Direction and /// I'm not a one direction fan but this applies to my (not-so) inner Kpop fangirl side of me so yeah I'm pinning this because I do this too!



harry styles, hazza, harreh, one direction, 1D, optical illusions, cool, awesome, stare at the red dot for 30 seconds, then look at a white wall or ceiling and keep blinking. I SEE HARRY EVERYWHERE! 0.0

(Harry) Stare at the red dot for 30 seconds then look at a blank wall or ceiling then blink really fast

Haha. I'm right here waiting for you, darling.

And i wont forget the plane that flies and bring to me. And wont forget that i love this fandom! God Bless the USA! :D I dont even like one direction but i find this painfully hilarious!