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Ouat, Once Upon A Time

Snow and David / 1.03 / by oncerscene (instagram)

Snow and David / 1.03 / by oncerscene (instagram)

OUAT CHALLENGE DAY FAVORITE SCENE: Charming and Snow meet for the first time. This is just pure gold. Charming's face is hilarious, and the they both couldnt possibly imagine that they would soon live happily ever after :)

The moment your daughter and her son walk in while you are making out in bed

I loved charmings comment just after this about still being able to give Emma traumatic childhood memories this late lol :)

Favorite scene

"Are you sure you want the first thing he knows to be that his parents fell in love during an armed robbery?" - The Charmings

OUAT ~ Never has Killian's doubt of Emma's love ever stopped him from loving her. He was always surprised and overjoyed to find out she loved him as much as he loved her.

He acts strong and confident but sometimes he needs reassurance that Emma loves him. I'm so glad that she's getting better about that now.

"Don't make me pee in my leather pants !" Hahahaha !!!

Cant stop laughing XD Love that "Don't make me pee in my leather pants" That would be bad since he has to wear the leather pants.