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Endometriosis Symptom Improvement Journey | The Endometriosis Dietitian

Published on July 11, 2022
Am I the only one caught in this SICK cruel joke❔
    As depressing and cruel as this is (I know I am not alone in this), there is SOME truth to symptoms improving in some women during pregnancy.
      The temporary halt in menstruation and the ⬆️ in progesterone levels during pregnancy can result in a favourable reduction in pain🔥
        I want to take this a step further and help you make the most of your endo symptoms improvement journey. Let’s investigate…🔎
          ➡️If you have been fortunate enough to conceive and your pain levels reduced significantly, your endo is probably mostly hormonally driven. A focus on high amounts of dark leafy greens, NAC, methylated B-vitamins, good sleep quality and stress management can help keep that pain manageable after delivery.
            ➡️Your symptoms will inevitably improve during pregnancy, but if the change is minor, while GI symptoms persist, you probably need to dig a bit deeper into gut health. A tailored probiotic, high fiber diet, resistant starches and low-dose antimicrobials can make a world of difference for you if you fit this scenario.
              Still waiting on your miracle baby like me? 👶 Here are a few things to keep your eyes peeled for…
                ✔️Does a daily serving of leafy greens before your period seem to reduce pain levels? This may indicate poor estrogen clearance issues.
                  ✔️Have you tried and benefited from a hormonal suppressant or birth control (BC)? I would dig deep into hormone clearance issues.
                    ✖️Have you tried and NOT benefited from a hormonal suppressant or BC? This tricky scenario is more likely related to poor gut health, or nutrient availability or absorption issues.
                      ✔️Have you benefited from a hormonal suppressant or BC for a time and then started spotting or getting pain in increasing severity? Chances are your gut is struggling AND you have a hormone clearance issue. Yikes!
                        What other oddities are you curious about? Let me know in the comments below👇

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