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Winter approaches

" "I know, I know" Aaron replied. "It's creepy isn't it?" I nodded, as our canoe drifted along the coast of the land. "Tell me if you see the savages" He said, nervously watching the side of the boat. "Hey, why are you looking at the side o

I must confess to a feeling of profound humility in the presence of a universe which transcends us at almost every point.  ~ Sir Isaac Newton

nelsoncarpenter: “wnderlst: Self-portrait at Valley of Fire State Park, California ”

coldwindandiron:    weatheredtree:    I would love to do that… But I think I would rather do it with someone I love… I don’t know    Morning rows in the fall. Little compares.

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"If I had two weeks, I'd take you to places that make the soul a little less thirsty -- places that'll hold us in their hills as the sun blankets the land with hopeful orange light.  We'd soften gently with dusk, knowing that time will take care of us, because when you believe in time, then time will believe in you and I."  Victoria Erickson

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Starry sky

explore-everywhere: man-and-camera: Dusk ➾ Luke Gram like seriously, all photographers need to take some tips from Luke.

Her soul was a roiling, stygian sea, disquieted by the soft cotton haze of light suspended above her. In turbulent pursuit of lustrous contentment, hindered by desire to sink deeper into murky chasms, two waves clashed, sending tentacles of sharp spray to reach for the light, but eliciting only shrill cries from the wind in between.

This is a exquisite picture which feels very free, it shows the water breaking apart from the wave, and i think really is the feel that I want to have for my poster!