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I don't to think of you but you're deeply imbedded in my brain and my heart


Dear boys - Be the type of guy you would want your daughter to be with. Dear girls - Date the type of guy you would want your daughter be be with.

unless it is mad, passionate, extraordinary love… it is a waste of time. there are too many mediocre things in life; love should not be one of them.

You're not my life, but you're the one I want to spend it with. You're not my world, but you're the best thing in it.

& even though these text screenshots are cheesy, i like this one. God should be both their world and their life, I just want to be allowed to share in it.

Christian Mouse Pad, Ephesians 6, Be the kind of Woman who when your feet hit…

“Be the kind of woman who, when your feet hit the floor in the morning the Devil says, OH NO SHE’S UP!

whoever has my back

Your true friends will always stay with you through the best and worse, no vows needed.

Theft of your husband

"If another woman steals your man the best revenge is to let her keep him. No real men can't be stolen. Amen to that

I love the fact that you're dreaming of me... But I do need to get more than 3 hours of sleep.

Okay, this is sweet. But if someone is legit dreaming about me as much as I can't sleep at night its kinda creepy.