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Moon phases

Waxing: The moon anytime before a full moon and after a new moon.Waning: the moon at any time after full moon and before new moon.Gibbous: convex at both edges, as the moon when more than half full.Crescent: a shape resembling a segment of a ring.

One of the first pictures ever taken of the moon by Dr. J. W. Draper of New York, 1840

The First Photograph of The Moon

First Photograph Of The Moon, 1840 J. Draper was a busy guy. After taking the first non-selfie portrait, he turned his camera skyward, taking one of the very first photographs of the moon in

La razón de esto es que toda creación de Dios es excelente. SB

This photo almost seems fake because the shading around the moon. This also does not use balance of light equally as well.

as types of weather Leo: an electric storm where the power is out and the thing you can see is the constant flashes of lightning which light up the sky different colors