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Killer Covers

John Carver, The Sex Twist: "Juanita's primitive twists on the dance floor were only a sample of what she wanted to give!

Chips and Chippies

Chips and Chippies

Sci Fi Thrilling Wonder Stories Featuring The Giant Runt

Thrilling Wonder Stories, Summer 1944 - "The Giant Runt" - Cover by Earle Bergey - (JPEG Image, 3400 × 4900 pixels) - Scaled

Frank Kane

Whatever Else He Was, He Was -- The Charmer via

The sweetness was balanced by a dress made out of butter.

A cover gallery for Lion Books

I've seen this cover art credited to Earle Bergey. I'm not convinced, but would be grateful if anyone could confirm.

Campus Town by Hart Stilwell. She defied their moral code. Published in 1951 as Popular Library

Handy-Man - Mark Clements. Vintage Pulp Fiction Paperback Book.  Pin-up Cover Art.

Handy-Man - Mark Clements. Vintage Pulp Fiction Paperback Book. Pin-up Cover Art.

Other Pulp Covers Vintage Re-mastered Gallery Wrap Canvas Giclee Reproduction:"Sinister Stories - TheDeadWho"

Killer Covers: Scandalizing the ’Burbs

A cover gallery for Avon Books

BLACK in the new black... #vintage #pulp

Pulp International : vintage and modern pulp fiction; noir, schlock and exploitation films; scandals, swindles and news

Queer Pulp.

The negative connotation to lesbianism is literally right in the title of "Sin Girls". Also where it says it's a "shocking" novel.

Vintage Sleaze PB Paperback - Matinee Girls Eric Stanton 1966 After Hours Sleeze

I don't know what this means but if your out there you should.. I want you to know that I care about you and  Miss you! Someday.. I'm still waiting. But for now! Live like I would! Crazy and fun! :)

Bubu of Montparnasse

Bubu of Montparnasse by Charles-Louis Philippe. unknown artist Cover by Paul Rader. An early cover by Rader according to his notebook his second cover.


martinis and murder - henry kane - I like the implied wall as a design element in these trashy novel covers!

Joy Girl Stranglers???

Joy Girl Stranglers???