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In order to save her kingdom, Merida travels to Berk to learn more about surviving in extensive.

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#wattpad #de-todo Tercer libro de fotos de Libro de Fotos (Jelsa, Kristanna, etc..) como en el primero y segundo verán fotos de Jelsa, Mericcup, Kristanna, Eugenzel, Dibujos Animados, etc...

Libro de Fotos 3 (Jelsa, Kristanna, etc...) - 147

Merida HTTYD fan art- I may not totally agree that Hiccup and Merida fit…

I do NOT ship them....but GOURGEOUS!!

“my second work of mericcup. lol this pic have original pic, namely this is parody. there are the site where i like, this is really popular parody this pic.


XD ~ Rise of the brave Tangled Dragons (with a reference to Monsters inc)

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