More evidence that Erza is the best and Elfman is s man

Fairy Tail 280 - Page 24 ~ I feel like Erza should have a 5 on intelligence too

Una recopilación de imágenes de anime,  la mayoría son idioteces para… #detodo # De Todo # amreading # books # wattpad


just to make y'all aware, an bust measurement is a 34 B in american measurements. which is not that impressive, and obviously Lucy has large breasts. Whoever made this didn't do their research on a large bust size :P

Every time Frosh is upet I get upset because look at that face! Tell me that you don't get upset when that cute little frog dressed cat starts crying and I'll call you heartless!

NaLu story part 3 (page 5) by smaliorsha on DeviantArt

Hello, here is page of my NaLu story part I want this to be in better quality so im gonna do the lines with pc. NaLu story part 3 (page

Since Layla brought them here, I wonder if Lucy would be the one to send them back?

Read mirar mi teclado a que mola from the story Mundo Nalu Fans by (nalu.

How Gajeel joined Fairy Tail 😂 clipped in 43 collections, Fairy Tail collection and published in 2 communities Japanese Anime