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Commedia Della Morte by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

Commedia della Morte (Saint-Germain by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

◊◊Chelsea Quinn Yarbro◊◊

Official Web site for author Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, creator of the vampire Saint-Germain.

Dark of the Sun

The vampire Saint-Germain, known in this time as Zangi-Ragozh, is peacefully doing business in Asia when the island.

In 1817 Switzerland, the Count Saint-Germain is living peacefully with his widowed lover Hero, whose husband had died battling Napoleon, until he encounters an Austrian aristocrat researching the properties of blood.

Official Web site for author Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, creator of the vampire Saint-Germain.

Dr Brian Weiss

Dr Brian Weiss Very interesting read!

Blood Roses (Saint-Germain #11) by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

Blood Roses (Saint Germain Chronicles by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

The Wrinkle in Time Quintet. I loved these books as a kid. I wonder if the religious undertones would bother me as an adult?

The Wrinkle in Time Quintet Boxed Set (A Wrinkle in Time, A Wind in the Door, A Swiftly Tilting Planet, Many Waters, An Acceptable Time): Madeleine L'Engle: ages 10 and up

Website for Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, author of the Count Saint-Germain vampire novels.

Chelsea Quinn Yarbro - I am about 15 books behind in the St.

The Black Stallion. Another book that inspired my love for horses!

12 Classic Wilderness Survival Chapter Books Worth Revisiting

What can I say about Robin McKinley? She's an amazing writer who creates fantastic worlds. But more than that, hers was the first book I ever read with a strong female heroine who took charge of her own destiny. McKinley is now famous for "Women Who Do Things," and Sunshine is one of my favorites.

My absolute favorite vampire novel ever. Whenever anyone complains about vampire novels these days, I ask them, "have you read Sunshine?" and if they haven't, I go on for twenty minutes about how good it is and why they should read it.