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Kill those b*tches

Kill those b*tches

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I think every week should have  one day in it when boys  give girls presents.....

Lucy Van Pelt - Charlie Brown One day a week - where boys give presents to girls.

Mamãe sabe tudo....

More like give it to grandma! Glad they are they for even for dumb laundry instructions!

The last one might just become my new mantra

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Assuming will result in a great deal of hurt, and a great deal of lost time.  However, it will leave you with an invaluable lesson, as long as you listen.


find someone who wouldn't mind waking up with you in the morning, seeing you in wrinkles and your gray hair, but still falls for you all over again.

I just giggle every time I look at this - Click image to find more Quotes Pinterest pins

seriously, i can't stop singing this! Old School Funny Song Lyrics, Funny Canvas Quote, Black and White Wall Art



Amen ^_^ (don't be creeped out by my overly pleasant smile, please.

Really? I WAS looking for something a little more challenging than "The Little Mermaid". Thanks for the tip!

Funny pictures about When I see people going underwater in movies. Oh, and cool pics about When I see people going underwater in movies. Also, When I see people going underwater in movies.