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Bay Dun - result of dun dilution gene acting on bay horse which lightens coat color; darker shading on face and legs, dorsal stripe down the back, and zebra stripes on the legs and shoulders

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Meet Chief: a Sulphur Spring stallion from Sulphur Springs, Utah. His herd lives at Return to Freedom and represents the influence of bloodlines that go back to the Spanish Sorraia horse and the Iberian peninsula in Spain.

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Equine Coat Color Chart ~ Some of them aren't quite the same as I've been taught (Strawberry vs.), but good reference nonetheless.

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Kiger Mustang-Wild horses from Oregon and descendants of Spanish Conquistadors horses. They are predominately dun colors - Buckskin, dun, grulla - with other indicators of Spanish Barb influence.

Roan in the Rain II, the wild stallion Mescalero in the Pryor mountains of Montana. www.LivingImagesCJW.com

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I looove Gruella colored horses!

Grulla is a color, not a breed of horse. The dorsal stripe, head and legs are darker than the body.

"Aura of Excellence" - cremello Saddlebred stallion.

Aura of Excellence, 1999 Saddlebred stallion (Anacachos Golden Cadillac x Dons Blaze of Glory)