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Human embryonic stem cells differentiating into neurons by Guoping Fan at the University of California, Los Angeles, via Flickr

Human embryonic stem cells differentiating into neurons by California Institute for Regenerative Medicine.

T H E _ C O L L E C T O R

Aesthetica Magazine - Implied Presence-Todd Hido is an American contemporary artist and photographer. Currently based in San Francisco, much of Hido's work involves photographs of urban and suburban housing across the U.

Abandono a noite / night in L.A.

Late night in a notorious city. You just had an argument with your mother, so you go and take a stroll to clear your mind. You can hear the faint sound of dogs barking in the distance and deep threatening mumbles of what seems to be gang lingo.

fromrussiawithcrime:  Its better to have a horrible end to your life than live in an endless horror - a wall writing during the first Chechen war.   Mercy of us.

vadime: “ Grozny, Chechnya: “Better a terrible end, than terror without end” ”

Aesthetica Magazine - Implied Presence

Implied Presence

Produced on analogue film with no additional staging or editing from the photographer, Todd Hido’s Homes at Night plays on the interaction of artificial lighting with the shadows of night.