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Wait... The "ghost" trying to haunt you... Freezes to "death". Also now I'm scared of water

wow I feel soo much safer now, not scared at all.

go to the website its really creepy, like creepypasta creepy and very interesting, could be a creepypasta fandom..i guess... but go to thisman.org

Shane Dawson did a conspiracy theory video on this man

Funny Memes Things My Wife Send Me (36+ Pictures)

Things My Wife Send Me (36+ Pictures)

Funny Memes Things My Wife Send Me (36+ Pictures)

Derp and Derpina 2014 funny

Girl logic again.

Ratinho do Castelo Rá-tim-bum tomando banho real life (completo) - YouTube

Ratinho do Castelo Rá-tim-bum tomando banho real life (completo) - YouTube

34 Funny Pictures Of Pictures

Laughtard 34 Funny Pictures Of The Day

StarTrek: an awkward moment when you realize you're wearing a red shirt

When you text your crush USE you mind!! xx

cute text to crush

Ecco 12 water installati in modo sbagliato. Davvero esilaranti!

Premio Idraulico d'Oro 2016

Seems the bathroom designer forgot the point of having doors on the stalls.

This is evil genius status .....

Mischievous Hump day – When regular humor does not cover it PMSLweb…

Morning Fitness Motivation (20 Photos) (7)

Morning Fitness Motivation (20 Photos)

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Quick, pull the nope alarm!

in case of a fire. we’re just gonna have to die.so true :/ can't do spiders

Horror Movie - Imgur

Horror Movie

I feel both amused by this and sorry for the poor tomato.

This wants me to make a movie, 'Girl Scouts: Buy the Thin Mints Now' and the sequel, 'Girl Scouts: Cookie Patrol'. #compartirvideos #funnypictures<<<YES

Dank dealer here... slip these dank few in your pocket

Great timing via /r/funny funny pictures.

Walmart trollen

Fun Black Friday prank - A simple prank that will most likely freak out everyone that is legitimately trying to shoplift