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Connect a portable DVD player to Android USB OTG device without rooting

Connect a portable DVD player to Android USB OTG device without rooting

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The Collector USB Flash Drive Concept can put unused small micro SD cards to good use. It combines a number of small capacity memory Micro SD cards them into one use able USB memory flash drive.that's a nifty invention.

In this post, we will cover some of the best pc cases you can buy for your gaming computer. These cases will help you in building a good gaming PC in 2016.

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LattePanda is featured with quad-core 1.8Ghz, 2/4G RAM, 32/64 GB eMMC, WIFI, Bluetooth 4.0 and USB 3.0, plus onboard Arduino processor!

Lattepanda is raising funds for LattePanda - A Computer For Everything on Kickstarter! LattePanda is featured with quad-core RAM, GB eMMC, WIFI, Bluetooth and USB plus onboard Arduino processor!

8 things your Chromecast can do - Bring out new and hidden features with these tips for Google's $35 streaming dongle.

23 Things You Didn't Know Your Chromecast Could Do

With rumors of a new Chromecast coming, so are rumors of its features and one of them has caught the attention of many. It seems Spotify will soon be getting support for Chromecast, to join the list of the many.

A perfect accessory for your monitor, laptop or an all-in-one computer. -RD

Satechi F3 Smart Monitor Stand

Satechi Smart Monitor Stand with Four USB Ports and Headphone / Microphone Extension Ports (White)

How to setup a Raspberry Pi print server that's perfect for older style printers that can only be connected to via a USB cable.

Raspberry Pi Print Server Tutorial

In this tutorial, I will be going through the steps on how to setup a Raspberry Pi Print Server. The process of getting the software installed is simple.

AMPware Crank Case kinetic charger is the world's best manual charger case for your iPhone. It allows you to generate power on the go when you need it most.

Crank Case Ensures your iPhone Never Runs out of Battery

28 Super Cool USB Drives

It is easy for us to understand the meanings of the "Toaster USB Hub" and "Toast Flash Drives" literally. The Toaster USB Hub is shaped like a teeny toaster, while the Toast Flash Drives looks like a piece of toast that varies in different flavors.

Turn your flash drive into a portable PC survival kit | PCWorld

When web utilities won't work and all hope fails, a properly loaded thumb drive can fix PC hassles in a flash.

Top Ten Products That Will Make You Love Your Phone Even More

Top Ten Products That Will Make You Love Your Phone Even More

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Airspy is an advanced open-source software defined radio receiver with the highest dynamic range and most versatile user interface in its price range.

Encrypted Flash Drive ASK-256-8GB:  FIPS Validated 256-bit Military Grade Hardware Encryption. PIN activated 7-15 digits - Alphanumeric keypad use a memorable number or word for your PIN. It does not require any software or drivers to be installed and is compatible with PCs, MACs, Linux and embedded systems.    ...

This secure USB Flash Drive Key is password protected, and much less easy to get mixed up with others!