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Look up Izaya on Pinterest. My pin is the first you see. This is pretty awesome. My followers are awesome. Thanks you guys! X3

That's dangerous sir.to eat knives.-nosebleed- never mind.---> Orihara Izaya doesn't care if it's dangerous as long as is fun

Celos [DRRR!!] ~ Shizaya - Capítulo 3: Casi muerto - Wattpad

Celos [DRRR!!] ~ Shizaya - Capítulo 3: Casi muerto

By @hukahire0313

By @hukahire0313

durarara, izaya orihara, shizuo heiwajima................... my friend Ashley showed my this once... awe i miss him

durarara, izaya orihara, shizuo heiwajima wearing opposite coloured ties - like a couple

Shinra x Celty

eyes closed glasses hand on another's arm hand on another's shoulder hand up headless hetero imminent kiss kishitani shinra labcoat necktie pink-framed eyewear pink-fr