Loki Love @supermads I'd have this one!

In memory of my cat Loki.this will be my next tattoo with a paw print inside.

Its official, everyone. I found my favorite Christmas gif - Imgur

Shower Porn - From Tumblr. (Of course)

Loki nailing Iron Man in the balls (does anyone know who these cosplayers are? I'd love a better view of that Loki costume!)<<No one does petty like Loki.

This is so cute! Especially cuz lol I doesn't get a lot of attention w Thor around.

This is very true >>>> "I find it ironic that crazy Loki fangirls think all he needs is a hug, when in the Avengers movie he scoffs at sentiment.yet, I continue to be a crazy Loki fangirl who would gladly give him a hug:) "

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Loki Laufeyson

Loki/Dark Prince by sueworld on deviantART - Visit to grab an amazing super hero shirt now on sale!

Loki x Darcy - Warrior Darcy by RiotFaerie on deviantART

-Loki x Darcy - Warrior Darcy by ~RiotFaerie on deviantART- Battle the beast within.

Lokid (except it was always Loki...but this explains everything...)

Captain America is my favorite Avenger, I loved Loki from the start sooo.

(100+) loki tattoo | Tumblr

(100+) loki tattoo | Tumblr