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Designed by Word For Word ● Cloisonne Hard Enamel Lapel Pin ● Edition of 200 Pins● Gold text & outline with black background● Affixed to a Social Alert backing card● Sealed in a clear sleeve - gift ready*Amazing cat not included

< Why is everything homosexual so cute to me? >

Y'all with your 'id still adore you with your habds around my neck' quotes are sick af, we get it, you've got a daddy kink but don't fucking romanticise domestic violence thank~~~tbh

Thad (sostituire dogs con Jericho*, tanto a bestia siamo lì)

I'm not a soft gay I'm an anger gay. I love dogs and burning things.

- ̗̀ @lostwolfie ̖́-

adding this only cause your phone would probably correct something to SHAKESPERIAN cause youd proabably used it before lmao

The State only purpose is to serve those on top and enslaved everyone else

Unfortunately, society is not a level playing field. It is structured on social injustice.