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@dbfangermany @AbiGibs @book_dee @pmessi @Miss_Lulu1 @BATBFawn Alright, one more to get you into trouble.

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He is such the perfect Jamie! Just as I imagined him the first time I read Outlander all those years ago.

Sam Heughan and Caitriona stars of OUTLANDER talk about "the" wedding night! At BAFTA/LA Awards Season Tea - Did he REALLY say THAT?  LOL

[VIDEO] Outlander Exclusive with Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe at BAFTA/LA Tea - Sam talking about a "little stiff one" lol!

(4) Twitter

(4) Twitter

Sam Heughan

Sam Heughan

Here is a new picture of Sam Heughan from his Interview Magazine photoshoot.

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Kinda reminds me of Richard Widmark here.maybe Sam should play a villan like Widmark did so well.

Lost luggage

Sam is back in Glasgow - waiting for his luggage and not getting it, lol - September, 2017

Oh my, this pic! <swoon> (Sam Heughan named the first Global Brand Ambassador for Barbour)

Sam Heughan named the first Global Brand Ambassador for Barbour From Barbour From the borders of Scotland and with a passion for the countryside, actor Sam Heughan is the ideal choice for our first…