Sarah E. Wain | Art teacher and artist.

Donut painting by Sarah E. Wain - what a beauty - her food paintings are gorgeous!

It's safe to say I'm about to drink all the sangria in the world today!Going to have the most fab brunch at with the most amazing friends! Hope everyone is enjoying the Sunshine! Life is good.

Homer's Pink doughnut ~ Terry Romero Paul

Terry Romero Paul, painting landscapes and still lifes in luminous colors.


Pink Donut with Sprinkles Giclee Print of Watercolor 10 x 12 x 12 inches Fine Art Poster Pink Sprinkles Doughnut Cake Dessert Rainbow Breakfast Food Foodie Brunch Love Candy Gift for Her under 50

this made me wanna do a influential people page

Halima Akhtar from Woldingham School, Caterham, Surrey, UK. Beautiful collage like textile folio.maybe one day my sketchbook will look this nice

Strawberry Donut  ORIGINAL Painting Still Life por ForestSpiritArt

5 of wand Strawberry Donut - ORIGINAL Painting (Still Life, Kitchen Wall Art, Watercolour Food Illustration)