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Luffy vs zombies, one of my favorite One Piece scenes. So funny to watch.

Art Apprentice Online - Acrylic - Painting Seascapes - Beaches, Dunes and Tidal Pools - Online Art Class - with Instructor Neadeen Masters, CDA, $120.00 (http://store.artapprenticeonline.com/acrylic-painting-seascapes-beaches-dunes-and-tidal-pools-online-art-class-with-instructor-neadeen-masters-cda/)

Online Painting Class -Seascape Painting Essentials - Acrylic - with Artist Neadeen Masters

Painting foam patterns on breaking waves. Watch artist Neadeen Masters as she demonstrates her technique for painting foam patterns on the surface of the oce.


One Piece Color Spread : Chapter 745 (Laundry day on the Sunny! I don't think Robin, Nami, and Sanji are having as much fun as everyone else.

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