NO STOP ITS KILLING ME! Shawn mendes is, without a doubt, my favorite Magcon boy!

Shawn) hey guys I'm Shawn! If I find the right girl, I will treat you right! I have 2 older siblings so I'm considered the baby of the family!

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My favorite singers (everrrr) wearing a shirt with my favorite football and basketball team on it.

Shawn Mendes❤❤❤❤

It's hard to believe that in 99 days my best friend and I will be seeing him preform on stage! I'm so exited

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Omg , I have to shut my mouth guurl his flirt face '-' OMG just you are with your bff in starbucks and you see Shawn and THEN he recognized that you gurl are starring at him and then he does this ⬆ 🙆💁😍💗💕