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Hình ảnh được nhúng

That's because Jin is the lead vocal, dance, visual, and leader

MEMES DE BTS - ✨163✨ - Wattpad

MEMES DE BTS - ✨163✨

made it myself~!! :D #BANGTANBOYS

Sadly, I think I am worst then SUGA. X) <<< Proud to say that I'm at least Jimin level! not to boast or anything but. *Clearly boasting*<<<<im proudly suga level

They look like they just got sorted into Gryffindor....except Jungkook doesn't seem so happy about that....


BTS J-Hope and V. While Jungkook's mind is like: Ah, hyungs are at it again. walk away. walk away

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Jimin looks all smug like " Yeahh ;)" Meanwhile Rapmon being responsible parent shocked like and Jin's just "what's wrong with that. You asked for a presentation. What do expect from a boy with parents as good looking as us?