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We have all experienced tough deadlines or been excited for a video game launch like Guild Wars Learn how to get the best out of your body on that day.

ArenaNet hat die aktuellen Patchnotes zum Guildwars 2 Patch „Das Geheimnis von Südlicht“ veröffentlicht. Mit dem Patch wird die Lebende Geschichte des MMORG‘s weitergeführt und bringt Dich auf eine subtropische Insel, auf der es neue Abenteuer und ein Minigame zu erleben gibt. Das...    Kompletter Artikel: http://go.mmorpg.de/3h

Guild wars 2 again supplies the colour palette that is in my head, that idea of fire and ruin, as a stark contrast to the cool and cold resilience of the Gods.

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- From initial release to the release of the Heart of Thorns expansion.

Portal (Video Game)By Electronic Arts

If you're late getting into games, start with any of these We polled game designers who have worked on Quake, Mass Effect and Deus Ex, as well as other notable video game industry figures for their picks for the smartest games around.

the pick is from guild wars 2 the AC dungeon but o well/ Soo stealing that to say in game play

Guild Wars 2 - Ghosts of Ascalon Concept Art by Kekai Kotaki